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Find out about Adult Day Health Care, a program for Veterans who need skilled services, case management, and help with activities of daily living.

Medical Care Services. Medical adult day care centers give individuals with chronic physical or cognitive impairments the care they need. A highly cost-effective long-term care alternative, medical adult day care centers administer nursing care, meals, and therapeutic activities in a safe, structured and homelike environment.

Oxnard Family Circle Adult Day Health Care center is using therapeutic music and singing program, along with painting and crafts to reduce anxiety, restlessness and wandering in dementia patients. Watch Video. Take A Free Tour. Come and see for yourself that this is the right place for your loved ones. Schedule your personal tour today.

Costs of Adult Day Care Adult day care and adult day health care are, without question, the most economical way to provide supervision and personal care for an elderly loved one on a daily basis. When compared with home care for an equal number of hours, adult day care usually costs at least 50% less.