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Imperial Shih Tzu. What is an Imperial Shih Tzu? Often, if a breeder is selecting their dogs to achieve a smaller size (usually around 9 pounds), they will call the variety of dog Tea Cup or Imperial. Here we will learn what breeders mean by Miniature, Toy, and Imperial dogs. Many people have fallen in love with tiny dogs, the smaller, the better.

Shih Poo and Other Shih Tzu Mixes - While we do not condone purposefully breeding a Shih Tzu with any other breed, there are thousands of mixes in shelters, waiting to be rescued. See a list of all hybrids recognized by the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC).

These are our adult tiny teacup imperial shihtzus parents, that produce out tiny imperial shihtzu puppies, These adults are not for sale. Look at our tiny imperial shih Tzu peanut below, He weights just 2.15 pounds at a year old. He is the dad or Grand Dad to most of our tiny imperial shihtzu puppies.

From time to time I have young adults available for adoption. My young adults make wonderful family pets! They are raised in my home with me and my family, are house-trained and very well-behaved lap .