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Adult Swim Diapers, Swimming Stuff at iDiaper.com Try the Sosecure for best results, it can even take care of a small amount of urine loss if used properly. Adult swim diapers .

Standard adult diapers and incontinence pads should not be used for swimming, as they will become bloated with water and could cause waste to leak into the pool. However, Swimmates® Disposable Swimwear is an underwear-style product that is specifically made for immersion.

Adult diapers for swimming are similar to those meant for children but are made with a low-profile design to be more discreet under a swimsuit. Disposable: swim diapers are available for children and adults. They fit a little differently than their reusable counterparts. Disposable adult swimming diapers are a pull-on style, similar to.

These Swim Diapers help public swimming facilities meet standards for healthy swimming. Regular diapers are not required when wearing these reusable swim diapers. Made from an absorbent terry lining with a snug, watertight poly outer shell. Theraquatics Swim Diapers have an .