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Most family relationships have their ups and downs. However, there is a difference between a relative who isn't always easy to get along with, and one whose spiteful behavior makes you feel unhappy or insecure. This type of toxic relationship can be extremely draining and destructive, particularly if .

Evolutionarily, behavior that carries a cost to the actor and a cost to the recipient is not selfish: it’s spiteful. Spiteful social behavior can evolve by natural selection if the costs imposed.

Completely ignore. Any need to strike back should be nullified by the fact that confident secure people who have an internal locus of control physically cannot engage in spiteful behavior. They realize that "we cannot harm others without harming o.

Feb 07, 2017 · The adult daughter or son who finally confronts a narcissistic parent, sick and tired of being manipulated and marginalized, and becomes the unwitting victim of vicious gossip and innuendo Author: Peg Streep.