18 Unexpectedly Innovative Apps for Seniors in 2019 - an easy internet for older adults


Telikin : Simple, Easy to Use Touchscreen Computers for Seniors an easy internet for older adults

Aug 22, 2019 · Here, our experts recommend 18 quick and easy meals for older adults. Follow these recipes and make sure your parent is getting all the nutrition they need. Many of us worry about whether our parents or grandparents are eating enough and getting the right balanced diet for their age group. Author: Care.Com.

These 18 ingenious apps are designed with older adults in mind and can enhance your life. Transform cutting-edge technology into accessible tools. See our list of the best apps for seniors in 2019!

Telikin is a simple and easy to use family computer that combines video chat, photo sharing, email and many more popular features into a sleek, touchscreen device. It's fun for young and the young at heart and easy to use for seniors, the elderly and their families. Watch Video.

Mar 05, 2012 · Independa is a software company that provides supportive independence products and services to older adults and their caregivers who typically are remote some or all of the time. Independa augments traditional caregiving by providing fully integrated, cloud-based solutions including a caregiver web application, a rich set of telephony-based.