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Group Living, Inc. “A Disability should not prevent a person from being a vital part of the community.” Group Living, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization providing normalization skills and living assistance to adults with developmental disabilities.

Supervised Living or Boarding Home is for people needing more than periodic support but not 24-hour supervision and called group living which provides: A boarding home shared by an allocated number of people and owned by an agency. The agency gives routine visits and on-call support.

Welcome to AHL Healthcare Group, the parent company for At Home Living, Bridges to Success, Wesley Residence, and Garden Terrace. Adult Foster Care. Working with people with disabilities and their families to encourage choice, promote independence and improve quality of life.

Residential facility for groups (adult group care/assisted living) Locate assisted living facility services near you in Nevada State Laws and Regulations. With specific exemptions in the law cited below, “residential facility for groups” means an establishment that furnishes food, shelter, assistance and limited supervision to a person.