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Jun 30, 2017 · Truth is, learning how to speak Tagalog fluently is much, much easier than it sounds, even for complete beginners. The original Filipino writing system was based on the Baybayin alphabet. Modern Tagalog is based on the Latin alphabet and the Baybayin script is now only used for purely aesthetic reasons.Author: Michael Lan.

How do you say 'sex' in Tagalog? How to say sex in the Filipino language. Discussing sex while in the Philippines. Communication is important. Kandot, kandutan.

It's hard for anyone to talk about mental health, especially to parents. But I wanted to know if there was something about Filipino and immigrant culture that made things a little more complicated.

Basic Guide: How to ‘Adult’ as a Filipino Millennial in 2019. by Gabriel Cadiz. ProtectNow.com / We are talking about helping with the upkeep of the house (e.g. electricity, water, internet, cable, etc.) There are other ways you could give back, like treating them for lunch or dinner or taking them out on a sweet and simple day out.