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Bloody Mucus Discharge: 5 MAIN Causes Before Or After Period menstration stopped vaginal discharge

Because regular vaginal discharge is clear or milky white, many women are worried when they notice brown discharge or dark spotting before or after their periods. Even thick white discharge is normal for many women as long as there is no discharge odor with it. Thankfully, brown discharge doesn’t usually mean anything is wrong.

What causes clear watery discharge in women? Most women that notice clear discharge is usually normal. If you are not sure about your discharge, you can dip your fingers in your vaginal area and examine it.. Watery discharge that occurs in the middle of .

Seeing white discharge before your period isn’t totally random. It’s a normal part of your menstrual cycle and called the luteal phase, when the hormone progesterone peaks in your body. We Author: Ashley Marcin.

What’s the deal with vaginal discharge? Girls and women are often mystified by what they see on their panties. Aren’t you glad to read that? Now you know that it’s not just you wondering what that crusty stuff is. And while we’re at it, yes, it’s usually totally normal.