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Making a correct determination of gender is important for treatment. But it's also important for the child's emotional well-being. Some children born with atypical genitalia may have normal internal sex organs that allow them to live normal, fertile lives. But others may have problems with fertility as adults.

Dec 11, 2012 · Signs of Adults with Incomplete Lower Brain Development. Posted by admin on Dec 11 a child with an underdeveloped pons may do something overt—like crawl under a table or hide behind Mom—when he’s in the flight mode, whereas an adult may just quit the minute she’s feeling uncomfortable or rattle off a million excuses why she can’t.

Low Male Hormones – Hypogonadism, Delayed Puberty (Men, Boys) then the boy or man will continue to have underdeveloped genitalia and not develop the secondary sexual characteristics like the gruff voice, facial and body hair and larger muscle bulk. These adults will also grow taller and be less muscular. These adults will also grow.

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