Confusions About Adult Average IQ Levels. - whats the average adults iq


What is an average IQ for an adult? - whats the average adults iq

IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a measure of your ability to reason and solve problems. It essentially reflects how well you did on a specific test as compared to other people of your age group. While tests may vary, the average IQ on many tests is 100, and 68 .

According to HowStuffWorks, IQ scores between 90 and 110 indicate average intelligence on most tests. IQ tests are administered on a standardized scale that uses 100 as the median score. According to the Curiosity Aroused website, IQ tests have a clear quantitative bell curve that sees 95 percent of test takers scoring somewhere between 70 and 130.

The average IQ for an adult is anywhere from 90 to 115. Just to give some figures the average IQ for one that has a mental disibility ranges from 30 to 50 and the IQ for one that is a genius is.

Average IQ Levels and Difference of Age. Some people claim that average IQ level remains 100 even by ignoring the age factor. The claim is correct and incorrect simultaneously. It is naive to think that a group of children and a group of adults shall have the same level of average IQ when they are exposed to a single IQ .