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Despite the many advantages, juggling school and adult life is not easy. Here are some of the most common setbacks that adult learners face: A lack of time. Balancing work and family commitments whilst maintaining some sort of social life is tricky enough as it is. Throw a class into the mix and you’ve really got your hands full.

Apr 04, 2007 · How to Balance School and Work as an Adult. As an adult, you have obligations. You've got a job. You pay bills. You may even have a family — a spouse and/or children. You need to work, but you'd also like to go back to school and achieve s 100%(2).

Because of issues like these, some adults may be reluctant to or find it more difficult to get back into learning or commit to a learning program that puts pressure on their busy working lives. Educators also need to bear in mind that adult learners can be selective and choose to learn what is meaningful to them and their role.Author: Clodagh B2B.

Mar 02, 2017 · Online learning is revolutionising higher education for the working adult. Thanks to online learning degrees, working adults can now further their education with minimal impact on their current lifestyle. Here are four advantages to online learning for adults.