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This is called a "child’s benefit" because it is using the parent’s earning record, not because the person needs to be young. In fact, when a parent doesn’t begin collecting Social Security benefits until late in life, the disabled adult "child" is a young adult or sometimes Author: Bethany K. Laurence, Attorney.

Child Disability Starter Kit. Adult Disability Starter Kit. Fact Sheet: “What You Should Know Before You Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits.” The fact sheet includes the definition of disability and answers questions about applying for disability benefits.

Disability Services for Young Adults. Easterseals provides services for young adults who are transitioning from childhood to adult life. Whether looking for the next step after graduation; seeking employment; or making friends and having fun in a social setting, Easterseals offers a variety of robust, supportive, and exciting programs to help young adults reach for and realize their full.

Young adult applicants can provide evidence of their disability from physicians and nurses as well as from teachers, Individual Education Plans used in the young adult's school career and any documentation collected by a school's Special Education department. The SSA may also use a young adult's work attempts to determine their benefit award.Author: Olinsky Law Group.