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Jan 22, 2016 · 7 Things To Know Before Taking The Perfect Vagina Picture. By Everyone knows what makes a good dick pic. But a vagina photo? nearly f*cked up your shoulder to shoot the perfect angle Author: Izabella Zaydenberg.

Oct 10, 2012 · There are many lists out there with types of vaginas. Some of them include pictures. The list I was originally going to blog about has 30 types of vagina in it – with pictures – but it seems a little too vulgar for this blog. It uses the p-word instead of vagina, and so, in order to blog about it, I would have to replace all the Ps in there.

A good man will love you despite the type of vagina you happen to have. Don't forget to embrace your vagina regardless of what it looks like. After all, it makes you the beautiful and unique woman Author: Terri Huggins.

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