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For years, Japan has been dominating the automotive scene and that goes true for both automobiles and parts department. To give honor to the remarkable contributions of Japan to the auto industry, a parts company even named itself Japanese.

Worldwide parts supplier for Asian cars • more than 23.000 references • OEM quality • Choose the specialist in Asian car parts. Find out why!

1. We can order the auto parts in Japan for you. 2. If you order is available and ready to ship, we will ship your order in 3~5 business days after the order is placed and payment is clear. 3.For the auto parts that are out of stock at the time, we will place the new order from manufacturer and inform you when your order is available to ship to.

Euro-Asian Parts are a supplier of genuine OE car parts for 27 different brands. What is EAP? EAP was launched in December 2011 and is 100% dedicated to helping Accident Repair Centre's and the independent Motor Trade to.