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4 Best Natural Ways to Increase Breast Milk Production (4 Different Approaches to Increase Milk Supply) – Drink LOTS of Water, Coconut Water and healthy liquids. 2 – Using Herbs to increase breast milk supply – Fenugreek or Blessed Thistle are some of the most known ones.

Dec 10, 2013 · Coconut water is the liquid you hear swishing around when you shake a coconut. It is not to be confused with the creamy coconut milk often used in thai dishes. Coconut milk is the product of white coconut flesh all mashed up. I did my own research and it appears that Coconut water is the all natural sport drink. One of the most remarkable Author: Ghada V.

Drink coconut water. I drank fresh coconut water from an 8 ounce bottle or direct from the nut, every day. Please note drink fresh coconut water not the processed type. I found this one out by accident. I went to a party and drank coconut water the milk production was ridiculous, I had to leave the party before I totally embarrassed myself.

I drank it during pregnancy (for other reasons) and especially towards the end I noticed I leaked substantial amounts whenever I drank coconut water mixed with my water. After baby came and I started pumping the morning after, the Lactation Consultant couldn't believe how much I was getting so soon after delivery. I attribute it to the coconut.