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When breast size or shape changes a lot after breastfeeding, some women consider cosmetic surgery. A breast lift, called a mastopexy, can be performed to help sagging and to reposition the nipple.

Many women worry that if they nurse, their breasts will sag and become unattractive. The truth is that life itself takes a toll on our breasts. Age, weight gain or loss, pregnancy, the effects of gravity, and yes, breastfeeding all affect the way your breasts look.

Dec 14, 2016 · What Really Happens to Your Boobs After Breastfeeding. According to my favorite doctor (WebMD), in a normal (non-nursing) breast, breast size is .

Jul 22, 2016 · "The production of breast milk and increased breast size can cause the breast skin and tissue to stretch," Kasper explains. "So after you finish breast feeding, the Author: Charlotte Hilton Andersen.