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Sep 01, 2017 · If other tests show you might have breast cancer, your doctor may refer you for a core needle biopsy (CNB). During this procedure, the doctor uses a wide, hollow needle to take out pieces of breast tissue from the area of concern. This can be done Last Revised: October 9, 2017.

Types of Breast Biopsy Procedures. Fine-needle aspiration. A small needle is used to take a sample of cells from the area in question. If the lump is a cyst (a fluid-filled sac), the procedure may.

Drawbacks of core needle biopsy. One drawback of core needle biopsy is the needle can miss the tumor and take a sample of normal tissue instead. This is most likely to occur when the biopsy is done without the help of breast ultrasound, breast MRI or stereotactic mammography.

Sep 24, 2019 · What do I need to know about a fine needle breast biopsy (FNBB)? A FNBB is a procedure to remove a sample of fluid or tissue from your breast. The samples are sent to a lab and tested for cancer or infection.