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Every woman who has had breast cancer wonders if it will come back. For some women it does, and for others it doesn't. When breast cancer comes back, it's called recurrence. Breast cancer can.

Even though the whole breast is removed during a mastectomy, breast cancer can return to the chest region. This is known as local recurrence. It is also important to note that the more lymph nodes that were affected with cancer at the time of mastectomy, the higher the risk for having the cancer return.

Sep 22, 2019 · Annie, the first bs I saw told me horror stories about breast cancer recurring after mastectomy and all the scarring and pain after mastectomy. I got a 2nd opinion from another bs working with a different hospital. She told me bc can come back in the minimal amount of breast tissue left, but it was very rare for that to happen.

Sep 02, 2019 · Locoregional Recurrence of Breast Cancer After Mastectomy. Posted 01/29/2008. Lisa A. Newman, MD, MPH Author Information. Question A postmenopausal woman has local recurrence to the skin/right chest muscle 10 years after mastectomy. Positron emission tomography (PET) scan now shows bone and other distant soft tissue metastases.