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Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Overview, Treatment, and More what is third stage breast cancer

Stage 3B Breast cancer means the following descriptions apply. The tumor may be any size, AND cancer has invaded the chest wall or breast skin with evidence of swelling, inflammation, or ulcers (such as with cases like inflammatory breast cancer).The breast cancer may .

Oct 04, 2018 · Because stage 3 breast cancer has spread outside the breast, it’s harder to treat than early stage breast cancer. With aggressive treatment, stage 3 breast cancer is curable, but the risk that Author: Ann Pietrangelo And Rachel Nall.

Stage 3 is the most advanced early stage of breast cancer, but it is still very treatable. And cancer treatments are improving every day. By way of example, bisphosphonates were added to the treatment regimens for estrogen-positive breast cancer in 2017 after .

Chemotherapy is a common treatment for stage III breast cancer. Sometimes people have chemo before surgery to shrink a tumor and make it easier to remove. It can help destroy cancer cells that.