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Carmen Electra Bra Size. Aside from her ever refreshed face, her bra size has also caught the attention of many. She is size 32DD two cups larger than her original size. Celebrities as beautiful as Electra usually have a lot of people watching them and the subtle of changes is recorded.

Dec 18, 2011 · Achieving a breast implant result similar to a celebrity is possible. However, every patient has a unique body type and breast shape. Thus, you have to have a body and breast shape that is the same as the celebrity. If these criteria match, then choosing the correct size, shape, and profile breast implant will help you achieve a very close look.

Carmen Electra's breast implants were very well done and iconic for her time. The plastic surgery increased her breast size to a solid 36D. Before plastic surgery, Carmen Electra was pretty flat chested. Here's Carmen Electra before and after plastic surgery. The breast implants added a ton of volume to her breast size.

Carmen Electra is hot American actress and glamour model with incredible body measurements. She has large breasts, round hips and slim waist. Electra wears 32D bra size and has breast implants.Before plastic surgery, her breasts were 32B.