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At Bottom Line, I found a vibrant community of advisors, peers, and mentors who all wanted me to find success. While my parents were invested in seeing me do well, going to college had never been pushed very much. It was at Bottom Line that I realized the importance of a college degree, and what that could mean for my future.

Overview Since 1997, Bottom Line has addressed the low college graduation rates of low-income and first-generation students. Our organization was founded on the belief that students need a mentor and a guide during the college application process and throughout college to succeed. By providing consistent one-on-one support, Bottom Line has helped thousands of low-income and first-generation.

Aug 09, 2019 · News from Seattle's Office of Economic Development. Right now, the Academy’s biggest goal is to continue to focus on student growth and retention. 90% of CAAs members are active and the team wants to make sure their members are more than satisfied.

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