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With Susan Sarandon. Dismissed by Western society as little more than high-priced call girls, the Japanese women known as Geisha are part of a centuries-old tradition that made them a vital part of that country's society. See how they were trained from childhood in music, the arts, conversation and "massaging the male ego," and visit with modern-day Geisha, in this revealing program.7/10(46).

Apr 06, 2018 · "The Secret Life of Geisha" peels back the rice-paper curtain for an intimate look at the culture, history, training and private lives of these alluring figures. Photographs and diaries document some of the love affairs that have become legend and scholars examine the role of the geisha in Japanese society over the centuries.4.6/5(17).

"The Secret Life of Geisha" is not going to surprise or amaze anyone who has done a bit of research on Geisha, say by reading Liza Dalby's book "Geisha" or Mineko Iwasaki's autobiography "Geisha: A Life." However, to those uninitiated who still believe that Geisha are some sort of high-class prostitute, then perhaps a secret or two might be 4.6/5(17).

From legendary Geisha of the past, to young women devoted to the profession in modern Japan, "The Secret Life Of Geisha" offers an unprecedented glimpse into this ancient, enigmatic phenomenon. Watch The Secret Life of Geisha Documentary Edit. The Secret Lives Of Geisha Part 1-1.