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How to Fix a Turtling Penis – Conclusion: Whatever exercise you choose, remember that prevention of turtling should never be an afterthought. It isn’t this thing you do on the side to help your penis enlargement gains. It’s an important part of the penis enlargement process.

May 21, 2010 · Sometimes your dick will turtle after your penis enlargement exercises if you’ve have a good, intense workout. The key difference between the two is the longevity of the turtling.If your penis remains turtled all day, all night, or doesn’t respond to stretching out, Author: Dr. Richard Howard.

In the case of turtling, I’m not sure that withdrawing the penis into the body speeds up healing, it probably is only meant to protect the penis from further damage or pain. I’d use turtling as a rough guide. If you’re dick turtles after PE, it’s probably time for some rest days.

Jan 06, 2014 · 97% of all time a man is awake his penis is flaccid yet this reduces to 85% approx when he is asleep and even further down to only 40% of the time if you include the time when the penis is blotted (swollen but not erect, common term on the lob) This happens because blood flows to the penis better when the male is relaxed.Status: Open.