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Ultrafiltration of ink and latex wastewaters using cellulose membranes. Author links open overlay panel Cagatayhan B. Ersu a Washington Braida b Keh-Ping Chao c Say Kee Ong d.

Ultrafiltration requires suitable membranes with pH resistance (the stability criterion for lactices is pH 10-11), solvent resistances (ketones) and temperature stability (45–50°C). Further a good emulsion stability is essential for the ultrafiltration of latex solutions otherwise .

An ultrafiltration system from Koch Membrane Systems is helping Synthomer Ltd to recover product lost during the latex manufacturing process at its Grimsby plant and to ensure that the feed to the on-site biological treatment plant contains lower levels of COD.

Abcor ultrafiltration system which has been in operation for four years at W. R. Grace Company's Dewey & Almy Chemical Division plant in Chicago. The ultrafilter treats the dilute waste latex stream resulting from the production of adhesives and sealants. The ultrafiltration system reduces.