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A sperm contain 22 pairs of chromosomes, for those who were wondering how many chromosomes are in a sperm cell. Each sperm must contain these chromosomes and mostly they are carried together with the DNA. These chromosomes are of two types which include X and Y. When they are matched together then they are used to determine the sex of the baby.

Called spermatids, these little round cells will develop a midpiece and flagellum on their way to becoming mature sperm cells: 2 X-sperms, and 2 Y-sperms. This whole process takes about 74 days, but don't worry that there won't be any sperm ready on the big day -- thousands of sperm mature every second.

An affected man's body may produce no mature sperm cells (azoospermia), fewer than the usual number of sperm cells (oligospermia), or sperm cells that are abnormally shaped or that do not move properly. Men with Y chromosome infertility do not have any other signs or symptoms related to the condition.

Start studying ch. 3 fetal developemt. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. normal number of chromosomes in each mature sperm or ovum. meiosis. cell division in sex cells. if the ovum is fertilized by a sperm bearing a Y chromosome.