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Normal male sexual function: emphasis on orgasm and ejaculation equine sexual functions

Joan Norton VMD DACVIM - 04/22/2017 General Care. Your Horse's Endocrine System Importance of the horse's endocrine system in making the horse the horse that he is. The equine endocrine system is a collection of small organs that produce hormones that travel through the .

Jul 25, 2019 · Think of the equine body as an enlightened corporal corporation. Under the direction of president hypothalamus, CEO pituitary gland processes messages to and from department managers, known collectively as endocrine glands, and circulates them bodywide. These interoffice memos are Author: Emily Kilby.

Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate physiological processes that are sometimes difficult to distinguish. Orgasm is an intense transient peak sensation of intense pleasure creating an altered state of consciousness associated with reported physical changes. Antegrade ejaculation is a complex Cited by: 27.

Testes are male gonads that produce sperm and male sex hormones. Sperm maturation is stimulated by the production and release of follicle stimulating hormone and testosterone. Testosterone is required for proper function of the accessory sexual glands, male sex characteristics, and sexual behavior. For sperm production, the testes must descend into the scrotum (a pouch of skin outside the.