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What You Need to Know About Vaginal Pain causes of vaginal aching when aroused

Hey, I also experience this from time to time, not everytime I'm aroused, but especially when I am quickly aroused. I do believe it is due to increased blood flow to the area, which may cause some stress on the veins (which could be possibly pinched) and surrounding nerve endings - therefore it .

Jun 28, 2019 · The specific symptoms of vaginal pain and discomfort vary, depending on the underlying cause. For example, vulvar vestibulitis is a condition that Author: Rachel Nall.

My pain is not during intercourse, but before. As soon as I start becoming aroused, I feel this very strong ache in my genitals. My vaginal entrance and clitoris are not sensitive to the touch, rather the pain seems to be coming from somewhere deep inside. It gets stronger and stronger the longer.

What effect does sexual arousal have on a woman’s genitals? Good In Bed. When a woman is sexually aroused, a variety of changes take place in her genitals and elsewhere on her body. The increased blood flow helps to spur the production of vaginal lubrication, and causes swelling in the clitoris, labia minora, labia majora, and vagina.