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CHILDHOOD SPANKING MEMORIES FORUM. , "We spank at our house too," and the second mom said, "So do we. This event has stuck in my memory and it lead me getting into trouble with my parents as I wanted a similar experience despite being smacked on the back of my legs quite frequently when I .

This is a memory from the one and only time my grandpa (dad's dad) spanked me. I was 13 years old and my sister and I were spending a week with the grandparents while my parents took an anniversary trip. My grandpa would have to take us to school and pick us .

Spanking was a very common occurrence and my first memory of it that stuck in my head was walking down the hallway to the lunchroom and seeing a boy in an adjourning hallway bending over a chair being paddled. I remember the noise of his crying would fluctuate every time he was struck.

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