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You can either use you or your partner’s fingers to bring you to a squirting orgasm or you can use a sex toy, I prefer the sex toy method as it’s more accurate, quicker and less tiring. How Do I Do It Then? Using Your Fingers – To reach the G-spot, make a ‘come hither ‘ motion with your middle and index finger inside of the vagina.Author: Vorgasms.

May 07, 2018 · Learn the secrets of squirting and female ejaculation. Use the 5 best sex toys in 2019 for female ejaculation and G-spot stimulation for an amazing orgasm.

Debunk the myths about squirting and open yourself to a fountain of bliss. Learn how to have a squirting orgasm with our top-choice sex toys. Your squirting pleasure tools will be with you in no time - with EdenFantasys fast and totally discreet shipping!Author: Web Merchants, Inc.

Incredible Squirting Dildos that Cum. When it comes to ultra realism, you can't beat a squirting dildo. These realistic dildos have the look of a lifelike penis and they ejaculate a lubricant of your choice via a pump chamber. Load the cum dildo with your favorite lubricant and let these dildos squirt all over you.