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A fifteen year old blonde American virgin is taken to South Africa when her father becomes MD to a major international firm. Within a month a black South African take her virginity by raping her in a cellar not that she wanted to complain afterwards. Tags: Ma/ft, Rape, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First Sex Contents: Much Sex.

Maggie gets a job in the African Bush and meets a young man. A madcap tale of interracial love, and Jungle Lust! NY Writer sent to find famous clinic doctor in Africa. African lesbian vampires lives in Accra, Ghana. and other exciting erotic at!

It is a reflection on the experiences of many white expatriates and their families working in Africa and the Middle East. Names have of course been changed, even if they were fictional. This story was first published in Literotica but has been relocated here to avoid that site's editorial restrictions. As such it has been edited and revised.

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