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As you can see for yourself, the core SQL Server string functions are clumsy at best, ugly at worst, for the sort of problem you are facing. You would have a much easier time IMO doing this using something like Java or.NET, where you could leverage the power of an XML parser.

Hi, I have a column of HTML data that I need to display as text. I need to get rid of all HTML tags and substitute reserved HTML characters. I was trying to recursively remove all HTML tags first. Then I plan to create a table of the most common reserved characters, the values to replace them with.

Sep 26, 2016 · In this post, I have created one user defined function to remove all HTML tags from the string data of SQL Server. There are certain requirements like, store HTML document into the text column, but unfortunately it also contains HTML tags which required to remove.

Hi everyone, I'm trying to remove all text between including the carrots from a column in Query Editor. I thought about splitting the column with the? being the delimiter, then creating a column with "?", and then concatenating but the first example wants shows .