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The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive By Simon bar Sinister Disclaimer #1 Grown-Ups Only! This site contains explicit descriptions of sexual situations, and explicit and crude language.It is not intended for children. Disclaimer #2. This site is for fantasy only. The situations described here are at best impossible or at worst highly immoral in real life.. Anyone wishing to try this stuff for.

JR Parz Presents Mind Control EROTICA If inclined, E-Mail Me. As an avid reader/fan/writer of Erotic Mind Control, I offer you my own take on what I consider arousing erotica. All my stories consist of Take note, ASSTR has the largest collection of FREE erotic stories on the NET and operates solely on donations These donations enable.

JUST MIND CONTROL STORIES. Comments and suggestions welcomed, especially if they're friendly. Vampire or mind control aficionados are particularly invited to reply. (MF, vampire, mc) To find out how to keep this and other free erotic story sites that ASSTR hosts operating on the web -- .

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