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penis filling with fluid

Dec 18, 2012 · in this pic I'm holding the swollen area - that area is filled with fluid, on the right side of my scrotum at the top, but also in the skin on my penis. if I let the skin go, the fluid filled area extends to the tip of my unerect penis. the fluid was gone when we were speaking last, but has returned! as it always seems to. thanks!

It feel like a squishy sack of fluid that can be moved around or *almost* flipped upside-down, however it will always return back to the same spot (this makes me pretty certain that it's connected to the skin and not the actual shaft of the penis).

Hoping someone can help me. My 7 year old got a knee in the penis last week. He now has what looks like a clear fluid filled swelling on the side of his penis. It doesn't seem to hurt. Is this common after an injury? Will it subside on it's own? Thanks for your help.

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