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Larsen Amateur Mobile Antenna Mounts NMOMM, NMOMMR, NMOTLP, NMOK, TLM larson amateur antenna

Mobile Antennas. Amateur Mobile Antennas: The Larsen company makes high quality NMO mount mobile amateur antennas. The NMO mount is a premium Motorola-style 3/4” hole mount. Vehicle mounts are required for these antennas. Accessories and replacement parts are available.

Larsen’s unsurpassed understanding of antenna and RF technology makes its VHF/UHF and mobile whip antennas some of the most desired in the world. DX Engineering carries Larsen VHF/UHF mobile antennas, 27-30 MHz mobile whip antennas, antenna mounts, and antenna replacement parts. Shop Larsen Antennas at DX Engineering today!

PulseLarsen Amateur Radio Antennas. Download Our Amateur Radio Antennas Booklet Today *May not be available to view below flipbook in all countries. If you are unable to view the flipbook below you can download the pdf to view above.

PulseLarsen is one of the last global antenna company manufacturing its own ceramic antenna product line. The process requires heavy machinery. At Pulse Larsen, the ceramic powder is pressed to a bloc and sintered. Then a silver paste is deposited on each surface followed by an automatic laser processing to fine tune each antenna individually.